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Travel Grants

Hard deadline for all travel grants: 1 March 2025.

Forms can be downloaded here, but must be submitted using the registration form on the Registration page.

IAU Travel Grants

International Astronomical Union (IAU)

The IAU wishes to support qualified scientists to whom only limited means of support are available (e.g., colleagues from economically less privileged countries and young scientists). These funds are intended to assist in your participation, not cover all expenses.

​A limited number of grants are available for those attending the symposium in person only, for up to €2,000 (Euros). For those awarded a travel grant, you will receive the funds when you register in person at the meeting and sign the receipt.

Please note that a committee within the IAU reviews and approves applicants, not conference organisers, SOC or LOC. Funds are awarded in Euros (€) and provided to the conference organisers to transfer to successful applicants. Therefore, shifting exchange rates may alter the specific amount received in Australian Dollars ($AUD) when those funds are transferred.

Please complete and sign the following form and have it ready for uploading when you complete the registration form to the right. Please provide the amount requested in Euros

IAU rules for travel grants can be viewed here.

AAAC Travel Grants

Australian Association for Astronomy in Culture (AAAC)

A small number of travel grants are available to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, scholars, and community members for up to AUD$2,000.


Please attach the completed and signed travel grant application as a PDF file. Those applicants who are awarded the grant will have the money transferred to their nominated bank account when they check-in at the conference and sign the receipt.


Please note that the amount requested is in Australian Dollars ($AUD).​

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